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Helping Waste Book Addicted Junkies to start a new life and get on with their own life. Basically: To Get a Life.

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We are World Wide

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Professional > Science and Research > Social Science Research Professionals

Brands We Carry

Business Accounts, Personal Accounts, Professional Accounts, Religous Organization Accounts, Any other Organizations that think they need to be on Waste Book.

Products And Services

1. Helping people to get off Waste Book. 2. Helping people cope with the friend competition. 3. Helping people deal with defriending and being defriended. 4. Helping people deal with "Big Brother" watching you. 5. Helping the perverts who try to befriend young girls they don't even know, to get a life.

Discounts Offered

10% off if you call today. Thats right, you call using a telephone. 1-800-GET-LIFE We will also help with "Obsessive Waste Book Disorder"; problems like, "ok everybody I'm taking a piss be back later", or "ok everyone, I'm going out to smoke a cigarette be back in a minute", or having to comment on every little thing, or announcing where you will be every minute of the day, etc., etc.

Additional Information

We will also try to help you get your stuff back after you have told the world that you're at a certain place or meeting at such n such place at such in such time so big brother knows when to rob you, or we will try to comfort you after you have been mugged because you told the world where you would be at.

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Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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